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Rain Dragon Studio
Located in fabulous NoPo (north Portland)
Somewhere on N Amherst Street - Portland, Oregon


My ONLINE STORE is only open for 2-3 weeks each year for Holiday Sales:

My annual online Holiday Sale opens the Sunday before Thanksgiving at Noon (Pacific Standard Time), as I am based in Portland, Oregon. It runs either 2 or 3 weeks, depending on how early Thanksgiving falls and closes at Noon on that day. My goal is to get every purchase shipped well before the Holidays to facilitate gift giving. The night before opening day, the link will be posted on this page. That way you can pre-view what I'll have coming up for sale.


Dates of Upcoming Online Sales:
2023 - Sunday November 19 - December 10 (3 weeks)
2024 - Sunday November 24 - December 12 (2 weeks)
2025 - Sunday November 23 - December 11 (2 weeks)

When does Preview open?
The day before the sale starts, my Online Store link will be listed here for pre-viewing. However sales will not go live until Noon (PST) on opening day.

What kinds of items are sold?
* Items that can fit into a standard USPS Priority Mail cube box, sized 7x7x6 inches.
* Examples include Mud Demons, Mother Mud People, Ornaments, Magnets, Small Hanging Ring-Planters, Shot Glasses, Small Vases, Leaf Dishes, and other Small Dishes.

How can I get a sale reminder?
Click here to receive notices about my Art Shows & Sales. My e-news comes out about 6 times per year, shortly before I have an event.

Where can I find your work other times of the year?
Mostly I sell at local art festivals, in person. (I'd like to meet you!) Click here to see where to find me.

I don't live in Oregon. How can I buy something outside of your Holiday Sale and get it shipped?
Follow me on Instagram or Facebook. When I post photos of something you want, please Message me to inquire about the price, availability, and shipping. I sell lots of items shortly after I post them, including some bigger items that are larger than what is sold in my online Holiday Sale.

How much is shipping?
For my Holiday Sale only:
* $0 to $59, shipping is $12 flat rate.
* $60 and up, I will pay for shipping. So, free to you if your order is over $60.

For items you choose from my Instagram and Facebook posts:

* Shipping will be calculated based on size and weight.

Can I see what you sold last year?
Sure, click here to see my Online Store.

I still have questions. How can I contact you?
Email me: potter @ raindragonstudio . com