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Teri the Brewer

My mom took up painting after her 80th birthday. She is proof you can be creative at any age.

My sister loves tiny pinch pots.

Rain Dragon Studio
Located in fabulous NoPo (north Portland)
Portland, Oregon

About the Artist

The day I hung up my shingle: March 3, 2022.

I'm an outdoor girl, so nature inspires me. The pandemic curtailed trail-hiking or travel to the coast, so I walk through my north Portland neighborhood and fill my eyes with the green glory of the Pacific Northwest. Much of my ceramic work revolves around the leaves I find on my walks. I love texture and explore the texture of leaves and all variety of impressions on clay. My whimsical Mud People sculptures were inspired by a small statue I found "purposefully abandoned" below a larch tree in Hoyt Arboretum. I was enchanted and created my own little people with textured "tattoos" all over them, which I create using leather embossing tools. These Mud People are designed to guard your houseplant or your tree or garden, and are made of earthenware.

I also love color, so most of my dishes have a bright and cheerful tone. All of my work is hand-built from slabs, coils or pinched. I'm inspired by Art Nouveau (1887-1918) and its near worship of nature-in-art. My favorite museum is the Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Art in Denver, Colorado, and if you love Art Nouveau or Art Deco it is well worth a visit.

My stoneware bowls and dishes are quite varied in character. Nearly every bowl is a prototype or "maquette," as I determine which creative options will work well in larger pieces that I can show at future events and art festivals. Many of my bowls have an irregular rim on them, as I prefer the organic nature of allowing the clay to dry as round or as wonky as it prefers. (I shape the bowl rims perfectly round during construction, but then I don't force the bowl to remain that way.)

All my pottery is created in my backyard studio. I work in both red and white stoneware. I source my clay and glazes locally at Georgies Ceramic & Clay, and use a mini slab-roller to roll out evenly thick clay slabs to start with. I spend a lot of time on the details, because art should look beautiful from any angle, whether viewed from afar or close up.

In other creative endeavors, I also paint abstracts with alcohol inks, and I "paint" moons with sand and acrylic paint. But mostly I make functional and sculptural ceramic art with stoneware clay.

In my former life I was a craft beer brewmaster, and before that a computer programmer.

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One of my favorite pieces: my blue-black abstract platterbowl.

My husband has a canoe with outriggers. He repurposed and installed an old door for Studio Tours. My parents and I visiting Long Beach, Washington Never let the rain or a pandemic stop you from hiking!