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Rain Dragon Studio
Located in fabulous NoPo (north Portland)
Portland, Oregon

About Rain Dragon Studio

Rain Dragon Studio is a backyard pottery and ceramics studio in north Portland, Oregon near the neighborhood of St Johns. It was started in earnest during the pandemic of 2020, in order to keep busy when local entertainment and vacation travel were shut down.

It grew from strictly hobby to a side hustle when the fun of creation became an everyday achievement, with continuous improvement and larger pieces becoming a self-challenging goal. I am now employed 100% in Rain Dragon Studio, my art business.

The objective is to sell my homemade pottery, ceramics, acrylic paintings and alcohol ink paintings at in-person events and art festivals. My first in-person event was Sunday July 11, 2021, for Artists On Amherst, a summer studio tour and art sales event that I invented for my street and with my neighbors in north Portland, Oregon.

I also create small shippable size pottery and art, because shipping small is safer to avoid breakage. I host one online pop-up Holiday Sale per year starting the Sunday before Thanksgiving and running for two weeks. (I need to get all the pottery shipped in time for gift opening!)

Please see About the Artist to read more about me.

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Cheers, Teri

This is how I took photos before I built the Artrium:

I built an Artrium auxilliary art room in our house and set up a permanent photo booth.

My studio was expanded by 50% and insulated in summer of 2020 by my #1 fan and husband. Then in 2021 I got my own kiln.