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1999 Teardrop Adventure - Recipe 1
by Teri Fahrendorf


Since I talked about food a lot in my Trip Updates, I was asked to share some of the recipes that I mentioned. Please note, you can put the Dry Mix portions of the camp recipes into ziplock bags, and add the liquid portions later in camp.


(Modified from the Fannie Farmer Cookbook © 1979)
Makes 4 medium pancakes for 2 adults or 3-4 kids

The Dry Mix:

2/3 cup Unbleached white flour
1/3 cup Whole-wheat flour
1 Tbsp Sucanat (dried sugar cane juice), or sugar
2 tsp Baking powder
½ tsp Sea salt
dash of Fresh-grated nutmeg

In Camp Add:

1 cup Rice milk (or other liquid)
1 Tbsp Olive oil
1 Egg
½ cup Blueberries (if previously frozen, rinse first)

Fry on a medium-hot, oiled griddle, turning once when the top has formed bubbles and the pancake surface has gone from shiny to dry.

Click here to go to 1999 Teardrop Adventure Recipe 2.

The story is 16 short pages total. You can jump to other sections of the story here:

Page 1 - Departure
Page 2 - Washington
Page 3 - Idaho
Page 4 - Glacier
Page 5 - Montana
Page 6 - Yellowstone
Page 7 - Tetons
Page 8 - Denver
Page 9 - Colorado
Page 10 - Utah
Page 11 - Idaho Again
Page 12 - Wild Horses
Page 13 - Oregon
Page 14 - Enterprise
Page 15 - Lovely Drive
Page 16 - Home Again

And here are some recipes:

Recipe 1 - Pancakes
Recipe 2 - Guacamole
Recipe 3 - Bread

Road Trip Blog: www.roadbrewer.com
Women in Beer & Brewing: www.pinkbootssociety.org