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Teri in the News

When this section is out-of-date, it's because I'm so busy with my full time job as Specialty Malt Account Manager for Country Malt/Great Western Malting and with the Pink Boots Society. Heck, this whole website gets out-of-date for those reason!

Articles coming soon...
Interviews with Teri have been completed but the articles are not yet published. These articles are not online.

Not up-to-date! Just Google me. No time to update yet.

Online Articles and Interviews with Teri:

Boulder Women's Mag - July 2008: "Women Brewers, Women Beer Drinkers." Valerie Gleaton interviewed Teri on her views on women brewers and women beer drinkers.

TAPS, Canada's Beer magazine - Summer 2008: "Ten Questions." Mirella Amato interviewed Teri on her views and plans.

Venus Rising Profile: "Teri Fahrendorf Blazes aTrail for Women Beer Brewers" - Ann Janda interviewed Teri about her past, and asks Teri's advice for other women employed in male-dominated fields.

Medill Reports: "Craft brewers: Want better beer? Size matters" - Kelly Williams and Brian Boyer interviewed Teri and other brewers about what makes a beer "Craft Beer."

Oregonian: "Raise a glass to a first for female Oregon brewmasters" - Matthew Preusch interviewed Bend Brewing Company's Tonya Cornett about her remarkable award at the 2008 World Beer Cup. Matthew also interviewed Teri about the Pink Boots Society.

BellaOnline - "Women Brewmasters - Inside the Brewers' Studio," by Carolyn Smagalski

Philadelphia Daily News: "What She's On is a Brew Tour"

Eugene Register Guard: "Eugene Beermaker Brews up 10,000-mile Road Trip in Search of Suds"

Beervana Blog - "Teri Fahrendorf and her Amazing Journey"

Joe Sixpack Blog - Repeat of Philadelphia Daily News

Hop Talk Blog - "Beer Walkabout"

Pre-Road Brewer Online Interviews with Teri:

Colorado Springs Independent: "Brewin' in the Boys Room"

Brewing Techniques Magazine: "The Queens of Beer:
Women Make Gains in Brewing Scene"

Cheers Magazine: "The Few, The Proud..."

New York Times: "At a Festival, Every Beer's The Right One"
Writer David Edelstein interviews Teri after she won two gold medals at her ignaugural visit to the Great American Beer Festival in 1991.

Other Recent Print Media Appearances:
You'll have to go buy the issue because these articles are not online.

Celebrator Beer News - June/July 2008: "Pink Boots Society Meets at CBC." Mirella Amato captured the excitement at our historic first meeting held during the Craft Brewers Conference in San Diego.

Northwest Brewing News - June/July 2008: "Itinerant Brewers of the Northwest." Abe Goldman-Armstrong interviewed Teri and other globe-trotting brewers about their experiences.

Great Lakes Brewing News - June/July 2008: "Women in Brewing." Robert Hughey interviewed Teri and other women brewers about what it's like to be a brewster in a man's world.

New Brewer - May/June 2008: "Brewers Association News." Julia Hertz reports on the Pink Boots Society's first meeting.

Draft Magazine - May/June 2008: "The Women of Beer." Judy Cole interviewed Teri and four other women brewers.

American Brewer - Spring 2008: "Lady Brewers of the World to Unite." Greg Kitsock interviewed Teri about the Pink Boots Society and the Society's first meeting on April 19th.

New Brewer - March-April 2008: "Across America's Beerscape." Teri authors an article summarizing her findings from her 5-month journey as the Road Brewer.

New Brewer - January-February 2008: "Increasing Female Guests at Your Brewpub." Alexia Chianis interviewed Teri and other brewing industry insiders.

Drinks International - January 2008: "Women & Beer." Jaq Bayles interviewed Teri and others on how to attract more women to drink beer instead of other beverages.

Beer Northwest - Winter 2008: "8 Brewers - 8 Daughters." Lisa Morrison interviewed Teri and 7 other Pacific Northwest women brewers.

New Brewer - November-December 2007: "Back Page Interview." Editor Jill Redding sent the questions & Teri answered them.

Bust Magazine - December-January 2007-8: "Women in Brewing." Aimee Dowl interviewed several of the brewers listed on the Pink Boots Society list. (Magazine is for strong intelligent women.)

Draft Magazine - November-December 2007, pages 84-87: "Brewsome Buddies." Don Russell (Joe Sixpack) interviewed the Road Brewer and other brewers on collaborative brewing. Teri recalls how Eugene's innovative brewers started the trend with their "Collaboration Brew" Brown Ale in 1996.

American Brewer - Fall 2007: Photo of Road Brewer and news mention of her 5-month road trip.

Ale Street News - October-November 2007, page 21A: "Pink Boots and All: Veteran Brewster Takes Epic Road Trip."
Tony Forder met with the Road Brewer at Basil T's Brewpub in New Jersey for an interview and photos of Teri & Brewmaster Gretchen Schmidhausler.

Yankee Brew News - October-November 2007, photo on page 16, "Cape Cod Makes The Blog" on page 33. Jenn Harmon interviewed Beth Marcus about Teri's visit to Cape Cod Beer Co.


Road Trip Blog: www.roadbrewer.com
Women in Beer & Brewing: www.pinkbootssociety.com