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Complete Itinerary: 2007 Trip

Blue Line: Oregon to Maine (June to August).
Red Line: Maine back to Oregon (August to October).

Here is a toast I wrote for the wonderful folks who have made my trip as extraordinary as they are. Here's to you:

Tasty craft beer in good measure,
Laughs and stories lead to pleasure,
Precious gold, this simple treasure.

Mon June 4Start trip: Drive to Bend, OR
TueJune 5Brew at Deschutes (Total 1, Brew 1)
WedJune 6Drive to Klamath Falls and visit Mia & Pia's Brewhouse (T2, Visit 1) and Klamath Basin Brewing. (T3, V2)
ThurJune 7Drive to Chico, CA and attend MBAA District Northern California June Technical Meeting.
FriJune 8Brew at Sierra Nevada (T4, B2)
SatJune 9

Drive to Berkeley, CA. Noon till 4:30 pm at Triple Rock (T5, V3). Overnight at Trumer Brauerei. (T6, V4)

SunJune 10Visit old friends in San Leandro and Foster City, CA.
MonJune 11Hang out with Celebrator Beer News staff.
TuesJune 12Drive to Gilroy (visit Farmhouse/Coast Range) then to Paso Robles. (T7, V5)
WedJune 13Brew at Firestone-Walker Brewing Co. (T8, B3)
ThurJune 14Drive to San Marcos, CA
FriJune 15Brew at Port Brewing Co. (T9, B4)
SatJune 16Brew at Stone Brewing Co. (T10, B5)
SunJune 17Drive to Tempe, AZ.
MonJune 18Brew at Four Peaks Brewing Co. (T11, B6)
TuesJune 19Drive to Sedona, AZ. Visit Oak Creek Brewing Company. (T12, V6)
WedJune 20Drive to Durango, CO.
ThurJune 21Brew at Ska Brewing Co. (T13, B7)
FriJune 22Drive to Colorado Springs and visit family.
SatJune 23Drive to Denver, CO.
SunJune 24Visit family in Denver. Husband Jon Graber joins me.
MonJune 25Visit breweries in Boulder (Avery) (T14, V7), Longmont (Left Hand) (T15, V8), and Lyons (Oskar Blues) (T16, V9). Stay with friends in Estes Park.
TuesJune 26Visit Odell Brewing Company in Fort Collins. (T17, V10)
WedJune 27Brew at New Belgium Brewing Co. (T18, B8)
ThurJune 28Drive to Crazy Horse, Mt Rushmore, and Rapid City, SD. Visit Firehouse Brewing. (T19, V11)
FriJune 29Drive to Sioux Falls, SD. Visit Granite City Food & Brewery. (T20, V12)
SatJune 30Drive to Minneapolis. Visit Herkimer Brewery. Then drive to Chippewa Falls, WI. (T21, V13)
SunJuly 1Drive to Munising, MI.
M-FJuly 2-6Visit family in Munising.
SatJuly 7Drive to West Bend, WI.
SunJuly 8Husband Jon flies home to Eugene.
S-SJuly 8-14Visit family in West Bend. Visit Silver Creek Brewery in Cedarburg. (T22, V14)
WedJuly 11 Visit Milwaukee Ale House 4-6 pm. (T23, V15)
SunJuly 15Drive: West Bend to Wisconsin Dells.
MonJuly 16 Brew at Moose Jaw Pizza-Dells Brewing Co./Drive to Middleton, WI (T24, B9)
TuesJuly 17 Brew at Capital Brewing Co. (T25, B10), Visit Lake Louise Brewery (T26, V16) / Drive to New Glarus, WI
WedJuly 18 Brew at New Glarus Brewing Co./Drive to Sleepy Hollow, IL (T27, B11)
ThurJuly 19 Visit Rock Bottom-Chicago (T28, V17), Siebel & Goose Island Br.Co. (T29, V18)
1800 N. Clybourn Ave., Chicago, IL
(4:00 - 6:00 pm, come visit me!)
FriJuly 20 Visit college roommate.
SatJuly 21 Drive: Sleepy Hollow to Mundelein, IL
SunJuly 22 Drive: Mundelein to Channahon, IL
MonJuly 23 Brew at Flossmoor Station Br. Co. (T30, B12), Visit Three Floyds Brewery (T31, V19) / Drive to Holland, MI
TuesJuly 24 Brew at New Holland Brewing Co (T32, B13) / Meet up with Bill Owens on his "Road Distiller" trip/ Drive to Kalamazoo, MI
WedJuly 25 Brew at Bells Brewing Co. (T33, B14)
ThurJuly 26 Day off for relaxing and organizing in Kalamazoo, MI
FriJuly 27

Drive to Ypsilanti, MI
Visit Corner Brewery (T34, V20) / Michigan Beer Festival, 5-9 pm.

SatJuly 28 At Michigan Beer Festival 1-6 pm
SunJuly 29 Drive to Buffalo, NY
MonJuly 30Brew at Flying Bison (T35, B15) / Drive to Rochester, NY.
TuesJuly 31 Brew at Rohrbach Brewing Co. (T36, B16) / Drive to Cooperstown, NY
WedAug 1 Brew at Brewery Ommegang. (T37, B17)
ThurAug 2 Drive to Burlington, VT. Visit The Alchemist Brewing Co. (T38, V21)
FriAug 3 Brew at American Flatbread (T39, B18)
SatAug 4 Brew at Magic Hat Brewing Co. (T40, B19)
SunAug 5 In Burlington, VT
MonAug 6 Visit Vermont Pub & Brewery (T41, V22)
TuesAug 7 Fly to Eugene, OR
WedAug 8 MBAA Hop Symposium - Welcome Reception (Corvallis, Oregon)
ThurAug 9 MBAA Hop Symposium (Corvallis, OR)
FriAug 10 MBAA Hop Symposium, Hop Farm Tour and BBQ Dinner (Corvallis, OR)
SatAug 11 In Eugene, Oregon
SunAug 12 In Eugene, Oregon
MonAug 13 In Eugene, Oregon, Visit Steelhead Brewery (T42, V23)
TuesAug 14 Fly to Burlington, VT
WedAug 15 Blog from Greg Noonan's house.
ThurAug 16 Drive to Salisbury, VT / American Brewers Guild - Teach Practical Brewing Class at 4:00pm / Jon arrives from Oregon.
FriAug 17 Drive to Bar Harbor, ME
SatAug 18 In Bar Harbor with family.
SunAug 19 In Bar Harbor with family.
MonAug 20In Bar Harbor / Boat ride with Bill Jenkin's parents.
TuesAug 21 Drive to Manchester, NH.
WedAug 22 Jon flies to Eugene, OR from Manchester, NH Airport/ Teri drives to Portland, ME.
ThurAug 23 Brew at Gritty McDuffs. (T43, B20)
FriAug 24 Brew at Alagash (T44, B21) / Visit Shipyard. (T45, V24)
SatAug 25 Blog from Falmouth/ Drive to Portsmouth, NH
SunAug 26 In Portsmouth.
MonAug 27 Brew at Smuttynose (T46, B22)
TuesAug 28 Brew at Portsmouth Brewery (T47, B23) / Drive to Hopkinton, MA.
WedAug 29 Visit Harpoon (T48, V25) / Redbones BBQ in Somerville, MA from 4:00 - 6:00 pm.
ThurAug 30 Drive to Hyannis, MA
FriAug 31 Brew at Cape Cod Beer Co. (T49, B24)
SatSept 1 Drive to Newtown/Sandy Hook, CT
SunSept 2 Visit family in Sandy Hook.
MonSept 3Labor Day in Sandy Hook.
TuesSept 4Drive & take ferry to Southampton, NY on Long Island.
WedSept 5 Brew at South Hampton Publick House. (T50, B25)
ThurSept 6Drive to Brooklyn, NY
FriSept 7Brew at Brooklyn Brewing Co. (T51, B26)
SatSept 8 Drive to Scarsdale, NY
SunSept 9 Visit family in Scarsdale.
MonSept 10 Drive to Red Bank, NJ
TuesSept 11 Brew at Basil T's Brewing Co. (T52, B27)
WedSept 12 Drive to Adamstown, PA
ThurSept 13 Brew at Stoudt's Brewing Co. (T53, B28)
FriSept 14 Drive to Mount Laurel, NJ
SatSept 15 Visit family in Mount Laurel.
SunSept 16 Drive to Milton, DE.
MonSept 17 Brew at Dogfish Head Brewing Co. (T54, B29), Visit Dogfish Head at Rehoboth, DE (T55, V26)
TueSept 18 Drive to York Haven, PA. / Visit the "Beer Can King" with the World's Largest Beer Can Collection.
WedSept 19 Drive to Harrisburg, PA/Brew at Troegs Brewing Co. (T56, B30) / Visit Appalachian Brewing Co. (T57, V27)
ThurSept 20 Drive to Lexington, KY.
FriSept 21 Visit Alltech's Lexington Brewery (T58, V28) , Alltech and Brewing & Distilling Analytical Services.
SatSept 22 Visit Woodford Reserve Distillery.
SunSept 23 Drive to Bloomington, IN /
Visit Bloomington (T59, V29) & Upland Breweries. (T60, V30)
MonSept 24 Drive to St. Louis, MO. Visit Schlafly Taproom (T61, V31)
TuesSept 25 Brew at Schlafly Beer Co in Mapletown. (T62, B31)
WedSept 26 Brew at Anheuser-Busch. (T63, B32)
ThurSept 27 Drive to Columbia, MO./Brew at Flat Branch Brewing Co. (T64, B33)
FriSept 28 Drive to Kansas City, KS. /Pick up Jon at Airport. /Drive to Pretty Prairie, KS.
SatSept 29 Visit family in Pretty Prairie.
SunSept 30 Visit family in Pretty Prairie / Worldwide toast to Michael Jackson's memory at 9:00 pm EST or 6:00 pm PST.
MonOct 1 Drive to Hays, KS. Visit Gella's Diner & Lb Brewery (T65, V32) / Drive to Scott City, KS. Visit relatives.
TuesOct 2 Drive to Denver, CO.
WedOct 3 Distill at Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey. (T66, B34)
ThurOct 4 Drive to Fort Collins / Brew at Odells (T67, B35) / 7:00pm Presentation at Liquid Poets meeting.
FriOct 5 Brew at Flying Dog Brewing Co. (T68, B36)
SatOct 6 Visit family in Denver.
SunOct 7 Visit family in Denver.
MonOct 8 Visit family in Denver.
TuesOct 9 GABF Judge Reception.
WedOct 10 GABF Judging 8:45 am - 5:00 pm /
Brewers Reception.
ThurOct 11 GABF Judging 8:45 am - 5:00 pm /
GABF Festival 5:30 - 10:00 pm /
Women in Brewing Interview (at Festival) 7:30-8:00 pm /
Introduce Lucy Saunders at KROC meeting 10:00 pm.
FriOct 12 GABF Judging 8:45 am - Noon /
Alpha King Challenge Judge 1:00 - 3:00 pm /
You Be The Judge (at Festival) 5:30 - 6:30 pm /
GABF Festival 5:30 - 10:00 pm.
SatOct 13 GABF Members Only Session 12:30 - 4:30 pm /
Awards Ceremony starts at 1:15 pm /
GABF Festival 5:30 - 10:00 pm.
SunOct 14 Storm in the Rockies. Stay in Denver with family.
MonOct 15 Drive to Salt Lake City, UT
TuesOct 16 Brew at Uinta Brewing Co. (T69, B37)
Drive to Pocatello, ID
Brew at Portneuf Valley Brewery (T70, B38)
WedOct 17 Drive to Baker City, OR /
Visit Barley Brown's Brewpub (T71, V33)
ThurOct 18 Drive to Portland, OR
FriOct 19 Visit BrewCraft USA's new warehouse.
SatOct 20 End Trip: Drive home to Eugene, OR.
71 total breweries:
38 Brew-with and 33 Visit-only.
SunOct 21 Wake up in my own bed!
 Oct 22-31 Finish blog / Find a place to live in Portland, Oregon. (Tough rental market!)


Nov 1-30 Move to Portland, OR and find a brewing job there /
Work on Road Brewer Adventures book on weekends /
Guest brew at an Oregon or Washington brewery.
SatNov 10 Oregon Brew Crew Fall Classic Homebrew Competition at Hopworks Urban Brewery.
Fri-SatNov 16-18

Orycon in Portland - A Writing Conference.

ThurNov 22 Thanksgiving
WedNov 28Oregon Brewers Guild's Annual Member Meeting at 5:30 pm.

Road Trip Blog: www.roadbrewer.com
Women in Beer & Brewing: www.pinkbootssociety.org