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Road Trip Blog (for live reporting from the road).
Trip departure was June 4, 2007.
Return to Eugene was October 20, 2007.
Total Length of Trip was: 139 days (4 months + 19 days).

Secret of my Success
Email sent February 2009.
Names and places have been changed.

Hi BillyBoy,

I've also been thinking about what you said to me at the GABF - "how did I become so successful?" (or something like that). If you looked at my bank account you might rethink your question!

Seriously, these are the two secrets to my success:

1. Tell your own story. Either nobody out there is telling your story, or they are going to screw it up. After you're gone, whose story about you do you want people to hear?

2. Be visible. Attend conferences. Speak at conferences. Get beyond your native shyness and force yourself to meet people. Get on panels if you are too afraid of standing in front of a crowd alone. Smile a lot. But mostly be there and be seen. Showing up is 90% of success.

That's it. Take care!

Cheers, Teri

Hey Teri...

Words to live by!



Road Trip Blog: www.roadbrewer.com
Women in Beer & Brewing: www.pinkbootssociety.org