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MJ Morpheus - Ink Drawings & Tarot Art
Portland, Oregon

Using ink, charcoal and graphic design as tools for social change and inspiration

Artist's Statement:

My name is MJ Morpheus, an independent artist through self-study. I take inspiration from esoteric and cultural knowledge, most often paying an homage to indignenous and archaic beliefs, teachings and practices--translating this in an intuitive approach to create my subconscious reality though art. Although I am a mixed media artist, I mainly use pen, ink, graphite, and charcoal as my mediums. I also have experience with woodburning and graphic design.

My work tends to highlight the internal ecosystems of existence such as dreams, thoughts, and environmental conditioning to put on display in an external form. I want to provoke a sense of emotional power through imagery that may be demonized or stigmatized in our society. The subjects of death, alchemy, and the oppression of people, can be seen in a negative light for most (as some should), but my goal is to depict these "taboo" topics as something that can propel one into their own introspection and education of the cultural/personal symbolism and motifs in my work. Additionally, to ignite their own paths to explore and acknowledge stories of their ancestors and/or others and utilize it to develop their own self-worth. Hence, I decided to be vulnerable with my own inner dealings and lessons to help and inspire other people.

Examples of my work:

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