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Connie J. Cheifetz - Handbuilt Ceramics
Portland, Oregon

Functional and non-functional work for everyday use and enjoyment

Artist's Statement:

I enjoy the feeling of clay in my hands and am inspired by the shapes and colors of things in my garden, at the coast, in the woods and beyond. Pushing the boundaries of the material, I make things that are pleasing to me and hope they will strike a cord with others as well. I love to cook and share good food, so I often make work in service to these endeavors.

Artist's Bio:

I grew up in South Florida and have always enjoyed making things with my hands. I have taken workshops from many instructors, across many media, but I always come back to clay. As I worked my way through food service and kitchen jobs, and finally a long stint in the office of a public school, I would spend vacations pursuing clay & other art workshops. Now retired, my time is spent gardening, making clay work and sharing this love of creation with others, young & old.

Contact info:

Email: If you wish to receive notice of my sales events, send me an email requesting to join my list.

Examples of my work:

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