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Road Brewer - Blog of Teri Fahrendorf's 2007 Pink Boots Tour of many USA breweries and brewpubs.

Broken Fences - Movie Trailer - My brother-in-law, Jan Van Sickle, is a long time actor and starred in this Indie movie. It might be shown at Sundance. Keep your fingers crossed and watch the trailer here.

Kevin McCarthy Sculpture Studio - My cousin Kevin is nearly as famous for his bronze sculptures as his father, Frank McCarthy was famous for his western paintings.


Here is a toast I wrote for the wonderful folks who have made my trip as extraordinary as they are. Here's to you:

Tasty craft beer in good measure,
Laughs and stories lead to pleasure,
Precious gold, this simple treasure.

Road Trip Blog: www.roadbrewer.com
Women in Beer & Brewing: www.pinkbootssociety.com