Lease A Nano
Complete 2-Barrel Turnkey Brewery System
Portland, Oregon

Email: manager @ leaseanano . com

Information about the Lease A Nano brewery system:

Below is the history of and equipment list for the Lease A Nano 2-barrel brewery equipment.


The Lease A Nano brewery equipment was purchased new in 2010 from Allied Beverage Tanks (ABT). It is a shrunk down professional brewery. It is not a sized up homebrewery.

The original owners operated the brewery in eastern Washington state for 3 years. They expanded first by buying 7 barrel fermenters and brewing 3 times into them. Then they sized up beyond that and sold the Lease A Nano system to me. I bought it in 2013.

The first renter was a start-up brewery located in Minnesota. That brewery also had a cidery and they used the beer made on the Lease A Nano system to augment their cider line-up with Graffs, which are beer-cider hybrids. They had a 2-year lease.

The second renter was located in Oregon. That brewery had been brewing one keg at a time on a 15-gallon homebrew system in their legally licensed garage. They installed the Lease A Nano system in their oversized garage and subbed out their own single-phase electrical element for the LAN's three phase elecrical element. They just completed the second year of their lease and sized up to a 5-barrel new brewery from China.

Currently the system is well packed into two 1-800-Pack-Rat cubes and is in storage in Portland, Oregon. (Actually in Fairview, OR, a suburb.) The two cubes include an 8x16 unit and an 8x8 unit. Everything fits perfectly into these two units. The units are ready to ship.


Purchase price is now reduced to $65,000 for quick sale. You must secure your own loan, we will not finance.

A second possible option is to move it to your location on a two-year lease for $1,295 per month, plus a security deposit. Sorry there is no Lease-to-Own program for this equipment as the sale price is already reduced from $85K. However, we will break your lease if and when you buy it.


Purchase: $65,000. You must find your own financing.
Lease: $1,295 per month, plus an up front security deposit of $5,000.


o Qty: 1- 3 ring binder with electrical specs and diagrams
o Mash/Lauter Tun- WP/HLT Combo Tank (ML/WP/HLT 42-2BBL-MAR18-10)
- 3 step brew deck
- Spent Grain Slide
o Brew Kettle (B/K 463-2BBL-MAR-18-10)
- Heating element and control panel
o Qty: 4 - Fermentation Tanks (FV464, FV465, FV466, FV467-2BBL-MAR-18-10)
o Qty: 8 - Stainless Steel Serving Tanks (SSST468, SSST469, SSST470, SSST471, SSST472, SSST473, SSST474, SSST475-2BBL-MAR-18-10)
- all Serving Tanks are on Wheels
o Qty: 1- Nanhua Heat Exchanger
o Qty:1- Jimboney 3-roller Mill w/ cabinet (purchased new 2015)
o Qty 4 Brewery hoses- qty:2- 6 ft, qty:2 - 8 ft
o Qty:1- Grant ( fabbed from 1/2bbl keg)
o Qty:1- Thomsen portable pump on cart with VFD
o Qty:1- CPE C-100 3/4 HP 316L Pump on stainless cart with VFD
o Qty: 2- Glycol Chiller units
- Qty: 4 Ranco temp controllers w/ individual lighted power switch (purchased new 2015)
- Qty: 4- SS Ball valve (manual)
- Qty: 4- Check Valves
o Qty: 1- 3/4in Butterfly valve
o Qty: 32- 1.5in Butterfly valves
- Qty: 3- with SS Handle
- Qty: 29-with blue plastic handle
o Qty: 2- 1.5in x 12in Spool
o Qty: 24- 2.0in Tri-clover clamps
o Qty: 71- 1.5in Tri-clover clamps
o Qty: 8- Racking Arms for Serving Tanks
o Qty: 12- Pressure Relief Valves
o Qty: 12- Sample Valves
o Qty: 2- Carbonation Stones
o Qty: 4- 2.0in Flat Tri-clover Cap
o Qty: 13 1.5in Flat Tri-clover Cap
o Qty: 15- 1.5in Tri-clover elbows
o Qty: 12- Special Tee ( 2inTC- 1.5in TC- 2in TC)
o Qty: 9- Special Spool (2in TC with pressure gauge and small ballvalve)
o Qty: 2- Special spool (2in TC with Ball Valve welded on at tee)
o Qty: 9- Thermowells
- qty:4- 6.75in long
- qty:1- 21.5in long
- qty:2- 9in long
- qty:2- 5.25in long
o Qty: 13- CIP Sprayball assembly (complete)
- qty: 12- long
- qty:1- short
o Qty: 1- Big Sprayball head with retaining clip
o Qty: 12- 12in to 2in cap (these are for the top of the 4 fermenters and 8 serving tanks)
o Qty: 12- 12in Buna Tri-clover gasket (these are for the top of the 4 fermenters and 8 serving tanks)

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Approximate Empty Weights:

Kettle: 400 lbs
CombiTank (MLT/WP/HLT): 550 lbs
Fermenters: 350 lbs each
350 lbs each
Misc Small Parts: 600 lbs

Minimum estimated size of brewery space: 600 square feet
Estimated size of smallest cooler needed: 12 x 14 foot.

Electrical Needs: 240 Volt/ 3 Phase/ 10000 Watts.

Approximate Efficiency: 75%. Bigger beers are less efficient.

Contact: manager @ leaseanano . com

Phone: 5 0 3 -- 4 9 6 -- 9 7 4 5